Tibetan Quartz Ring
Tibetan Quartz Ring
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Tibetan Quartz Ring

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If you enjoy a bold and attractive ring, then this one is for you.  A one of a kind Tibetan Quartz with carbon inclusions ring. 
This conversation piece has the shape and size that turn heads. The stone is set in set in 24kt electro-formed gold, "three times more gold than other fashion jewelry." 

 Tibetan Quartz is exclusively from deposits near Lake Chabyer Caka in the Gangdise Mountains in the interior of the Tibetan Plateau. As a sole source gemstone, Tibetan Quartz’s genuine rarity is undeniable.

The mines are not easily accessible, so most Tibetan Quartz is mined by hand. First unearthed around 2002,

Gemstone Meaning

It  is said that carrying or wearing Tibetan Quartz creates a “bubble of Light” around the body, allowing only positive vibrations to permeate the auric field. It is also said to bring about a total centering of oneself.



  • 1 1/2 " L X 1/2" W 1/3" D
  • Adjustable starting at size 6 1/2