Belaroca Jewelry was established in April of 2014. It is the result of my love for jewelry that tells a story and makes you feel great every time you wear it. After purchasing some lovely pieces made by Turkish, Indian, and Tibetan artists, my friends noticed them and couldn’t help but desire their very own. This is what inspired me to start a business where I can provide people jewelry that is hard to find and that they can feel connected to.
​The name Belaroca derived from me considering my passion for naturally shaped gemstones and minerals, and how each organically shaped stone is perfect and imperfect at the same time. Each one of these stones is one of a kind, neither is ever the same.
Not only does Belaroca Jewelry sell gorgeous jewelry from around the world, but I also design and make my own pieces, handpicking each gemstone or mineral that goes into every creation.
Many of the gems and minerals that I use have their own organic shape. Because of the uniqueness of each stone, I will create a piece that will not be duplicated.
Our gems and minerals are framed in gold, silver, or black Electro-Formed finish to enhance their beauty.

Enjoy your shopping experience, and if you have any questions, please send me a chat or an email. I also do custom orders. 


Helen Ancira