Belaroca Jewelry, established in April 2014, stems from my genuine passion for creating meaningful jewelry that resonates with individuals. Fueled by a love for storytelling through accessories, I founded this business to offer unique pieces that forge a personal connection with those who wear them.

 The name Belaroca is a nod to my fascination with naturally shaped gemstones and minerals. Each stone, with its inherent perfection and imperfection, serves as the foundation for my designs. Every piece is meticulously crafted by hand, with careful consideration given to selecting individual gemstones or minerals for their distinct qualities.

 Embracing the natural forms of the gems and minerals, many of which possess their own organic shapes, I ensure that each creation remains one-of-a-kind. This philosophy is encapsulated in the concept of "WHAT PERFECT IMPERFECTION!"—celebrating the uniqueness of every stone and rejecting replication.

 To enhance the allure of these gems and minerals, I frame them in 24kt Electro-Formed gold over high-quality brass, silver, or Rhodium finishes. Consistency in quality extends to the chains, ensuring a cohesive and refined collection that seamlessly fuses nature with chic sophistication. At Belaroca Jewelry, our commitment lies in presenting exceptional, distinctive pieces that evoke a profound sense of individuality and connection.

 As my business blossomed, a beautiful trend emerged – many of you wished to repurpose cherished jewelry or craft special pieces for meaningful occasions. Witnessing this desire, I set out on a mission to help you breathe new life into your treasures. Whether it's transforming sentiment-laden pieces or creating bespoke wonders for weddings and special moments, I'm here to turn your ideas into radiant reality. Your journey doesn't just stop at shopping; it's a collaboration where we transform dreams into timeless treasures. Have questions or a vision in mind? Connect with me through chat or email – let's craft something extraordinary together.

 Got questions or special requests? Feel free to reach out anytime – I am here to make your experience seamless. 

Cheers to fabulous jewelry and fabulous you!"


Helen Ancira