Gemstone care 

Chemicals reduce gemstone energy and brilliance, therefore we recommend the following.

  • Wear your perfumes and colognes in areas that wont come in contact with your gemstone jewelry.
  • when needed use a warm damp cloth and dry.
  • Store each piece separately.

 For all non gemstone jewelry:

  •  Never bathe or spray perfume on your jewelry.

  • Store jewelry separately so it won't scratch. 

  • Maintain the jewelry's beautiful luster by keeping it dry, apply makeup, hairspray or any type of lotion before you put on your jewelry.

  • Perspiration can cause build up on jewelry. Gently rub the jewelry with a soft, dry tissue to remove debris. 

  • Remove jewelry before bedtime.

  • the more you follow these steps for any piece of jewelry, the longer it will last looking like new.