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Imagine wearing your Belaroca collection, effortlessly blending nature's beauty with your everyday outfits, sparking conversations, and inspiring those around you.

Uvarovite Ring


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This beautiful one-of-a-kind ring is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Uvarovite is becoming extinct, so don't wait too long to make it yours if you love it. Set in 24kt electro-formed gold, "three times more gold than other fashion jewelry."   

 Gemstone Meaning

Uvarovite provides intense energy, and this feature only makes it unique.  This beautiful green crystal illustrates the color of productivity, development, expansion, materialistic hike, and improvement. It promotes individuality without being self-centered and simultaneously relates an individual to the universe. 


  • 1" W X 3/4" L
  • Adjustable starting at size 6 and up

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Brand Attributes

Embracing the natural forms of gems and minerals, many of which possess organic shapes, I ensure that each creation remains one-of-a-kind. This philosophy encapsulates the concept of What Perfect Imperfection!” celebrating the uniqueness of every perfectly imperfect stone that can’t be replicated.

What Perfet Imperfetion!

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    ex.) The Tunnel to Towers Foundation honors the sacrifice of first responders who laid down their lives to save others on September 11, 2001 

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